A Company enpowering the modern enterprise by digital transformation and   upgrading
Technology enpowering business capabilities.
Focused on customer-centric solutions and comprehensive digital transformation enpowering in the era of industry digitization. Improving digital transformation plan, business digital transformation process optimization, data asset governance and improvement; Build the digital development blueprint for the industry, promote the integration and innovation of industry digitization and data industrialization, and build the industrial agglomeration capacity of regional economy based on the digital economy.
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data management software Copyrights cover ten core fields such as finance, energy and manufacturing
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Digital vision planning, digital enterprise comprehensive evaluation, digital enterprise top-level design, digital business incubation, digital operation transformation, and data operation center as the six building blocks for the total solution.

Committed to helping enterprises build the think tank platform for enterprise   architecture capability development, enterprise digital senior architect team

construction and enterprise competition promotion, and finally becomes a

beneficial partner to help China's supply-side enterprise structural reform.



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Central University of Finance and Economics
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China Railway Construction Corporation Limited
Sichuan Hydropower Investment & Management Group
Alibaba Cloud
Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee
The Open Group
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation
National Energy Group
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UEC  Group Ltd
China tobacco Fujian industry co., Ltd

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